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Eat Great Diet
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I have researched hundreds of diet plans and have taken the best advice from them all as well as personal experience and common knowledge to devise the best diet plan.  Its called the Eat Great Diet weight loss program.  I have included free weight loss tips on the weight loss tips page and the whole weight loss diet program can be found on the Eat Great Diet page.  Obviously I recommend that you try the Eat Great Diet first and save yourself some time, hard work and disappointment, but if your like me and you want to explore all of your options, below are some of the most popular diet plans available today along with my take on them.  Remember, not all diet concepts work well together.  for ex.  a high fruit diet would not integrate well with a low carbohydrate diet etc. 

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Eat Great Diet
weight loss program

* Always consult your doctor before starting any weight loss diet program, diet plan or exercise plan.  You should also have a full physical exam and not have any heart problems, health problems, diabetes or pregnancy.  Mike Kelly and/or The eat great diet does not make any claims to improve your health or guarantee any weight loss and cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects experienced from following the eat great diet plan which is only our opinion and is presented for educational purposes only.  Results may vary and are not typical to everyone.  If you are experiencing andy pain or discomfort or have any medical conditions, call your doctor or any medical professional or emergency services like 911 immediately. 

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Eat Great Diet - Weight Loss Diet Plan

Eat Great Diet

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